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About Us

A Message from our Inspirational Founder Madiha Humbal

Disbanding the stereotype that housewives and mothers are only limited to the four walls of their houses, I, as a housewife and a mother of two, aspired to pour all my efforts and hard work into bringing my passion for organic, homemade products to life

Eco Freindly

Hand made

Chemical Free

“Oh My Herb runs in my family. My grandmothers, both of them, never brought any kind of toiletries or cleaning products from the market. Hence, my parents, and then I myself, never used market bought stuff in our childhood.”

Carrying my legacy, I utilized my prior knowledge and two years worth of research to found this budding venture, nearly a decade ago. With my loyalty lying with Mother Nature’s alchemy, my goal is to weave rich ingredients from herbal, homeopathic and naturopathic sources together, and bring you mindfully probed, organic products, because, at Oh My Herb, we care for you and you matter to us!
With your love, this wholesome realm of vegan and artisanal skincare products will undoubtedly evolve into the dream that I hope to bring to life; an established brand run by friends and family.

The Oh My Herb Saga

A sprinkle of care, a dab of passion and lots of botanicals; these were the ingredients used to found the exquisite little venture that we know as Oh My Herb. With vegan inspired, eco-friendly trends surfacing, we felt the need of bringing people a place that catered to all the natural and organic care that they deserve. Now established as a humble venture that serves its customers organic and ethically apt skincare products, Oh My Herb started as a home-based small business around a decade ago. After all these profound years of service, we take pride in bringing our treasured customers the best of what nature has to offer, in a budget-friendly fashion. Though we do not claim to provide solutions for acute skin diseases, we still hope to bring a change in the whole perception of skincare and normalize how an organic regime can, granted feebly, make a difference for all with skin issues due to increasing stress and climate change.

Join our Patronage

Days and nights float past with most of us are so engrossed in our hectic lives, we become oblivious to the damage we are inducing onto our health and fitness. long with helping you maintain your skin’s natural balance with 100% pure and natural ingredients, we bring you products that not only do you great, but leave you feeling great too! With the ancient wisdom of herbs, flowers and fruits laced seamlessly within the contemporary 21st century savvy, Oh My Herb aspires to make self-care easier and less time-consuming. Join our patronage and fall in in love with Mother Nature’s charisma. To join, you simply need to place your very first order and become an integral member of our nature-loving family!